Class Overtime Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Spectrum Financial’s Accenture Contract Administrators

Our law firm has filed an overtime lawsuit against Spectrum Financial Services, LLC pursuant to the Federal Labors Standard Act (“FLSA”). The federal lawsuit alleges that Spectrum Financial, a national staffing company, hired individuals across the country to work for its client, Accenture, as contract administrators. The Complaint alleges that Spectrum paid these individuals an hourly rate but illegally failed to pay them time and a half for overtime hours (all hours over forty in a given work week). The Complaint also alleges that Spectrum classified some of its Accenture contract administrators as employees and illegally classified some of its Accenture contract administrators as independent contractors.

The Complaint was filed as a “class or collective action” on behalf of all Accenture contract administrators. This means that all other individuals who worked as Accenture contract administrators within the last 3 years may join the case — including those that Spectrum improperly classified as independent contractors.

The lawsuit seeks not only recovery of the unpaid overtime but also liquidated damages and attorneys’ fees and costs. Liquidated damages are known as “double damages” and permit successful individuals to double their unpaid overtime compensation.

To join the lawsuit and seek recovery of unpaid overtime and liquidated damages, individuals will simply need to fill out a one page “Consent Form that our firm files with the Court. If you worked for Spectrum Financial Services and were not paid overtime or you have any questions, please contact lead Plaintiffs’ counsel immediately, Kimberly Martin, 404.313.5538 or e-mail: The statute of limitations on individual claims continues to run until the individual’s Consent Form is filed with the Court. SpectrumAccentureConsentForm.pdf

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