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On September 4, 2014, the Oakland Raiders Cheerleaders (“Raiderettes”) settled their wage lawsuit against the Oakland Raiders for $1.25 Million in back wages. The lawsuit was filed by two of their cheerleaders in January asserting that the football team underpaid them. One of the cheerleaders estimated her hourly rate over the course of the season at just about $5 per hour. Additionally, the cheerleaders were fined for violating team rules. The settlement will provide back pay for any Raiderette who cheered for the NFL team as far back as 2010 and awards each cheerleader $6,400 for each season they cheered between 2010-2013.

Other NFL cheerleader lawsuits are pending in Cincinnati, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, and New York Jets. For more information about cheerleader lawsuits or pay, feel free to contact us to determine whether you are entitled to owed compensation.

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