Shooter Alley Dancers' Lawsuit: Law Firm Martin & Martin Files Minimum Wage And Overtime Collective/Class Action On Behalf Of Exotic Dancers At Shooter Alley

BLOG-Photo-ShooterAlleyCA.jpgOn March 19, 2013, Martin & Martin filed a minimum wage and overtime lawsuit against Shooter Alley, Inc. - an adult entertainment club in Georgia. The lawsuit seeks to represent all current and former dancers who have worked at the club at any point within the last three years. Martin & Martin alleges that Shooter Alley violated the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") by classifying the dancers as independent contractors as opposed to employees. The lawsuit seeks minimum wage for all hours worked within the last three years and overtime wages for all hours over forty hours in a given workweek for all dancers that join the case.

The Shooter Alley collective / class action alleges that the club failed to pay the dancers any wages whatsoever and instead, required the dancers to pay the club fees to perform. For example, the dancers were required to pay house fees, DJ fees, and fees for the house mom. The lawsuit alleges that because the club regulated the dancers' work schedules, actions at the club, prices dancers could charge, etc. that the dancers were actually employees - not independent contractors - and therefore, entitled to a minimum wage and overtime.

To join the lawsuit, dancers need to fill out the Consent To Sue Form.pdf and return it to Martin & Martin. Contact information is on the Consent To Sue. You can read the Lawsuit.pdf here. If you have questions about how your employer is paying you, contact Martin & Martin.